Here’s Why You Should Enroll in Dental School

Dentistry might not seem like the most financially lucrative of professions out there, even compared to other medical professions. Texas tooth rescuer Richard Malouf would probably disagree with that assessment, as he has managed to amass enough wealth to be able to commission this palatial compound now for sale on 4.36 acres about 8 miles north of downtown Dallas. The centerpiece is, of course, the 30,000 square-foot, eight bedroom, 17½ bathroom house, which wasn’t always quite this huge; not long after his pad’s initial completion in 2003, Malouf purchased the neighboring house, turned it into a massive gym, and connected the two structures via a bowling alley and 10-car garage.

Still not wowed? Take a gander at the outdoor tennis court, basketball court and a freaking private water park complete with multiple slides, swings, waterfalls and more. The backyard even has a dedicated DJ booth…of course, for near-as-dammit $33 million, why wouldn’t it?

Source: Sotheby’s International Realty