Rezvani TANK is Ready to Battle the Extreme SUV Establishment [w/ Video]

After bursting onto the boutique sports car market two years ago with the mid-engine Beast, you’d think Rezvani would follow it up with something occupying a similar segment of the market, like a super-hardcore track-only version of the Beast or a cushy-but-fast grand tourer. Thing is, you’re thinking would be off the mark: Instead of a sporty pavement-centric ride, the Orange County based nameplate’s second model line is a futuristic looking SUV called the TANK. And the name TANK isn’t as ill-fitting as you might think.

Granted, it has four wheels instead of tracks, and it lacks a turret or even an itty-bitty gun, but the Rezvani TANK is available with armoring, specifically Kevlar ballistic armoring, a Kevlar clad gas tank, B6-rated glass (which will stop high powered rifle rounds) and night vision and thermal cameras. Of course, all that extra security (not to mention the bold new bodywork and luxurious interior) adds extra weight that would overwhelm the Jeep Wrangler chassis’ 3.6L Pentastar V6…which is why Rezvani elected to replace it with the SRT-tuned 6.4L version of the third-gen Hemi V8 that’s been further tuned to produce 500 horsepower. In other words, you should be able to outrun quite a few threats, which is just as well, considering the TANK is expected to cost $178,500 without any of the optional armoring…

Source: Rezvani