RevoZport R-Centric Tesla Model S front 3/4 view

RevoZport R-Zentric Tesla Model S is High-Fashion High Voltage [w/ Video]

RevoZport R-Centric Tesla Model S front 3/4 view

The Tesla Model S might not seem like the most obvious candidate for tuning, but why shouldn’t it be? It is, after all, a premium high performance (particularly when the Model S in question is the new AWD, 691 horsepower P85 D) sedan, and there are plenty of hopped-up four-doors with AMG, M, RS and V on their rumps. RevoZport saw no reason why it shouldn’t create tuning parts for the all-electric American super sedan, so it has come up with a new family of tuning parts wearing the R-Zentric label.

RevoZport R-Zentric Tesla Model S rear 3/4 view

The carbon fiber front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and rear spoiler look sharp and, RevoZport claims, enhance the Tesla’s already impressive aerodynamics. Fender flares allow for the fitment of chubbier wheels and tires (preferably Klassen ID 22” alloys wearing 255-series rubber in front and 295-series in back), while there are additional carbon fiber add-ons for the interior: Hard shells for the backs of the front seatbacks, and a doohickey RevoZport calls the Rear Entertainment Console that provides a place to park a tablet and a smartphone. If nothing else, all these extras will be great conversation starters when you’re stopped at a Supercharger station.


Source: RevoZport