Restless: What Do the Dreams of a Maserati Merak SS Look Like? [Video]

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Even though they have been known to act like it on occasion (particularly if they hail from Britain or Italy), cars are not sentient beings. They are machines, made up of parts and pieces just like any other contraption we use in our daily lives. However, we don’t go on journeys with our refrigerators, or consider the lawn mower’s exhaust note to be a symphony comparable to anything written by a dead-for-centuries Austrian.

It is that special, deeper-than-normal connection that the hyper-talented peeps atPetroliciouscelebrate in this video starring a dude namedMaxxand his mid-‘70sMaserati Merak SS. However, instead of exploring that connection through the eye of Maxx’s mind, they look at it through the mind of his vintageV6-poweredMaser. Assuming said Maser had a mind. We’re 96% sure it doesn’t…

Source: Vimeo