Lexus LFA factory testing

Requiem for a Dream Machine: The Lexus LFA’s Fathers Reflect on Its Life [Video]

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For fans ofJapanese supercars, December 12, 2012 can easily be called the Day the Music Died. It was on that day thatLexuscompleted the 500th– and last –LFA. However, a few weeks before that rather somber occasion, the crew ofMotorTrend’s YouTube channel traveled to Japan to visit theLFAfactory and document the building of the last handful of cars. More importantly, they interviewed the men who played pivotal roles in the short, glorious life of the most extreme production car ever to come out of all ofToyota, much less itsLexusdivision.

As the LFA’s guardians explain, the LFA isn’t like othersupercars…which was their intent. Moreover, it’s proudlyJapanesein its construction, design, and overall ethos. It is a shrieking, atmo-V10-hearted siren that works with its surroundings, not against them. We know, we know: It’s ate up with computer, has neither a proper manual transmission or a dual-clutch automatic, and was made by the company that brings the world vehicles that are among the leading triggers of adult-onset narcolepsy. But here’s the thing, kids: The Lexus LFA was a classic when it was in production, and will only become more classic with the passage of time. Those of you who dispute this can kindly go slather your tongues with wasabi.

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