Renegade Infiniti FX front 3/4 view

Renegade Infiniti FX Has Attitude to Spare [w/ Videos]

Renegade Infiniti FX front 3/4 view

Is anyone here familiar with the phrase “Bionic Cheetah?” No, it’s not the name of a hair metal band, or a comic book character; it is, however, what Infiniti used to describe the first generation of its FX crossover. These days, the second-generation Infiniti FX (which now answers to name QX70 or internal chassis code S51) is a fine vehicle, but it seems to get a bit lost in the sporty luxury crossover crowd these days.

Renegade Infiniti FX rear 3/4 view

The FXs/QX70s emerging from the shop of Renegade, on the other hand, are in no danger of getting lost. Much of this is due to the dynamic body kit the Russian tuner installs; the kit consists of new fascias front and rear, fender flares, side skirts, vented hood, Hella fog lights and other trim parts. The kit uses all the factory mounting points, and comes with a three-year warranty. A Borla exhaust system, RC Racing suspension kit and 22” Vossen CV3 wheels round out the package.

Renegade Infiniti FX side view

Renegade has priced the standard FX/QX70 body kit at $8,800. Extras like the Vossen wheels will, of course, add more. And before you ask, no, they did not specify how much getting Moscow-based model/DJ Diana Melison to writhe and shimmy next to your Renegade-outfitted Infiniti like she does in the first video below.

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