Cobra N+ Sports Kit Offers Remote Controlled Butterfly Valve Exhaust for Nissan 370Z Roadster (w/VIDEO)

Cobra Technology & Lifestyle Nissan 370Z

Cobra Technology and Lifestyle may not be a familiar aftermarket tuner, but this German shop has a host of performance parts for the Nissan 370Z Roadster in the form of their N+ Sports Kit. Aerodynamic bits include a revised front spoiler and rear diffuser with some additional flair coming by way of carbon-fiber-look covers for the rearview mirrors. A 19-inch wheel and tire combo, lowering springs, sport suspension and convention sports exhaust system also are included.

The offering is pretty ho-hum except for the optional special exhaust system that features a remote-controlled butterfly valve. And here’s where things get interesting… The beauty of this upgrade is that the driver can control the exhaust note to give the car a bit of split personality. By adding a special flap to a set of round 120-mm pipes, the company can deliver “discrete sportiness to pure racing sound sound at the push of the button on the radio remote.”

This is pretty useful tech, as we all know there are certain neighborhoods or suburbs where cruising around with a gnarly exhaust system will get you pulled over lickity-split. The unsubstantiated claims of decibel limit breakage and sound disturbance is always a possibility as is getting nabbed just because the cops think you are going must faster than you actually are… In any case, whether you want to fly under the radar or impress your crew, the COBRA N+ Sports Kit and particularly the remote-controlled butterfly valve exhaust is a nice addition to the Nissan 370Z cache of performance enhancements. 

Source: Giz Mag