Regula Exclusive Porsche Cayenne front 3/4 view

Regula Exclusive Porsche Cayenne Goes Gray and is Ready to Play

Regula Exclusive Porsche Cayenne front 3/4 view

Considering its status as Porsche’s best-selling model by a continent-sized margin, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Cayenne is wildly popular with the automotive aftermarket. It’s much easier to list what you can’t buy for the Porsche of SUVs than what you can. That being said, body kits and other cosmetic alterations seem to be the most abundant tuning parts for this particular make and model.

Regula Exclusive Porsche Cayenne side view

The latest hat to be thrown into this particular ring comes courtesy of Regula Exclusive. The kit – which retails for just over $12,000 – consists of new front and rear fascias (the latter featuring an integral diffuser), side skirts, fender flares and a rear wing. It’s considerably more aggressive than stock, but we wouldn’t call it ghastly. Then again, that might come down to the subdued satin gray finish.

Regula Exclusive Porsche Cayenne rear 3/4 view

As for the wheels, they’re big 23” units wearing Dunlop Supersport tires. Regula Exclusive charges about $5,450 for these bad boys. Not terribly cheap but, like the body kit, they comprehensively transform the looks of this already sporty sport utility vehicle.

Source: Regula Exclusive