RedlineGoods: Where to Go for a Cockpit Pick-Me-Up

When it comes to dressing up and personalizing the inside of one’s ride, there aren’t very many off-the-shelf custom accessories that fit in the middle of the Venn diagram where one circle is “Direct Replacement/Fitment,” another is “High Quality,” and the third is “Tasteful.” But a family-owned-and-operated American (Wilmington, Delaware to be exact) company, by the name of RedlineGoods, manages to put its products right in that sweet spot.

RedlineGoods offers pre-fab parts like shift boot covers (for a manual or an automatic), steering wheel covers and center armrest covers that are handmade to ensure hassle-free installation and a precise fit.

What’s the difference between their products and stock parts? Color stitching, different color stripes and inserts, embroidery, or some combination (plus other, more functional perks like thumb grips and centering stripes on the steering wheel covers). These details are sure to make you forget all about the bland, monochromatic O.E. (original equipment) bits in short order.

And speaking of order, if you can’t find an item designed specifically to your vehicle, or in the colors or pattern you have in mind, RedlineGoods will gladly create it.

Plus, if you actually send them your shift boot or steering wheel to help them gather the needed dimensions and develop prototypes for a vehicle that isn’t already on their list, and create a set of installation instructions and photos for them, you’ll get your new custom boot or wheel cover free in return!

They’ll also do custom stitching and embroidery on their headrest accents, seatbelt covers, lumbar support cushions and other items, which are made from materials like Nappa leather, perforated leather, and Alcantara of the real and faux varieties. Remarkably, the turnaround time for custom order items can be as little as just two to five business days.

Would buying one-size-fits-some accessories at your local auto parts chain store result in faster and/or cheaper gratification? Maybe. But if you’re dead serious about babying your baby and want to treat it to well-made, durable interior parts (that look and function as well as or better than their factory-installed counterparts), you’d be nuts not to get in touch with RedlineGoods.

*This post was sponsored by RedlineGoods*