Real Racing 3 is Available for Download on iOS & Android [w/Video]


Firemonkey’sReal Racing 3is out now for bothiOS andAndroidas a free to play game.Real Racing 3 has a brand new Mint 3 engine rebuilt from the ground up that provides stunning real-time graphics that rivals almost anything you see on a console game likeForzaorGran Turismo. There are enough control configurations to satiate everyone, which includes everything from gyroscopic controls to a traditional touch-based steering wheel and pedals.

New to the series is the Time-Shifted Multiplayer provides a seamless asynchronous experience amongst you and your friends. This unique spin on online gaming allows a player to race “ghost” versions of their friends that is controlled by a dynamic AI. Players can also race against top global scores, and be notified of when their time has been beaten.

Their decision to move to a freemium model has been controversial amongst fans of the series since it was first announced, butEAis taking a chance to capture a larger casual gaming audience. Whether or not this new model is a success remains to be seen.