Rat Rod Mazda RX7 is Teenage Rebellion Writ Large [Video]

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Most teenagers are desperate to fit in with their peer group, constantly striving toward conformity in the way they dress, the lexicon they use (be they conversing in person or electronically), the music to which they listen, and more. Of course, there are some high school aged whippersnappers who not only accept their quirky/geeky outlier status, but embrace it with both arms. Surely nineteen-year-old SoCal residentCorbin Goodwinfalls into this second category. Why else would he have built the1984 Mazda RX7/real estate devaluation tool seen here?

If you ask us, a hopped up5.0L(technically 4.9L)V8out of aFox-body Ford Mustangin a first-genMazdaRX7 is pretty anarchistic to begin with. But throw in a speedometer lashed to the hood with duct tape? A smattering of stickers depicting Internet memes and subversive humor tropes? A freaking wood and wire mesh air dam? Yeah, buddy! Bottom line: This car is so wrong, it’s actually quite right.

Source: YouTube