Rain Prisk Designs Ferrari FF Off-road is So Wrong It’s Right


You know the old line about death and taxes, right? Well it seems like you can add “Ferrari won’t build an SUV” to those sure-things; company officials have said time and time again that that’s one money train onto which they refuse to jump. But that’s certainly not stopping people outside the Maranello factory gates from speculating what a Ferrari off-roader might look like. And noted automotive digital illustrator Rain Prisk has taken a path that should please anyone who fondly recalls the final years of American Motors.

Starting with the Ferrari FF, which is already the first (and so far only) AWD production model in the firm’s history, Prisk opened up the wheel arches and installed flares, enlarged the front fender vents, added driving lights, a winch and a skid plate to the front fascia, and jacked up the ride height and installed matte black steel wheels wearing all-terrain tires. A set of roof rails topped by a rack holding a pair of kayaks complete the adventure vehicle transformation.

The transformation works disconcertingly well, almost as if someone from Ferrari itself took a look through the Fiat Chrysler family album, saw a picture of an AMC Eagle Kammback and said “Interesting…” We’d love to see some too-rich-to-care petrolhead like deadmau5 build one of these in real life, though doing so would probably be a surefire way to get an entire battalion of cease-and-desist-order-waving Ferrari lawyers pounding on your door. Hashtag rich people problems.

Source: Rain Prisk Designs