Radio Control Car Chase

Radio Control Car Chase Carpetbombs Cardboard Community with Clichés [Video]

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If you watch enoughmovie or TV car chasesclosely enough, you’ll notice at least a few common storytelling devices (or, if you prefer the less diplomatic term, clichés) present in just about all of them. These range from smashing through fruit stands, to butt-clenching near misses, to landing jumps that would mutilate a real life car’s suspension and, of course, lots and lots of powersliding. Sure, few chases have most or all of them, but you’ll be extremely hard pressed to find a cinematic pursuit that doesn’t have at least one of these well-worn tropes.

Of course, if you really do like chases that lay the old standbys on thick and heavy, then you’ll get a kick out of this little gem fromZach Kingand the boys atFinalCutKing. A pair ofradio control Mustangs, a helicopter and a cardboard town conspire to create and exciting (albeit brief) pursuit. It’s tempting to compare this video tothe onemade byFreddie Wongand crew a while back, but we think it’s better (read: easier) to let them both stand on their own merits.

Oh, and if you want to check out the making of this video, clickhere.

Source: YouTube