Globo F1 intro still

Racing through Time: Brazilian Formula 1 Intro is Computer Generated Awesome [Video]

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In many countries (other than ones whose names rhyme with “Who Knighted Plates”),Formula 1is super popular. Like, second-only-to-football/soccer popular. Perhaps nowhere is this more true than in Brazil, where seemingly every mid-size-and-bigger city has at least one kart track andAyrton Sennais a saint in everything but name. So it wasn’t all that crazy for the country’sF1broadcast rights holder,Globo, to go all-out for the intro sequence for last month’s 2013 season finale, theBrazilian Grand PrixatInterlagosin Sao Paulo.

It starts out with a boy playing with a couple toy versions of two of the earliest cars to contest the F1 World Championship – a1950 Alfa Romeo Tipo 158and a1955 Mercedes-Benz W196– on a toy-car-sized track. Before you know it, they’re racing along on their own, morphing into newer and newer iconic and title-winning cars from the likes ofLotus,Ferrari,Brabham,McLarenandRed Bulluntil, finally, the miniatureRed Bullis forced to stop by a giant hand…the hand of Globo F1 announcerGalvão Bueno. Neato. And in case you want to know how much polygonal sorcery went into this sequence, you can check outthis handy making-of video.

Source: YouTube