Racing in the Street: Street Legal Porsche 962 [Video]

When it comes to driving a racecar on the street, the closest most of us mortals can get is a black mid-‘90s Chevy Monte Carlo with stylized white “3”s stuck on the doors. Doing so might make you the envy of your mobile home community, yes, but to any audience broader than that, it’s just not cool. And it’s especially uncool compared to being able to pop over to the local convenience store in a mo-fuggin’ Group C era sports prototype.

A nameless, wealthy Japanese gearhead (and the people he trusts) gets to do exactly that, for he owns a road legal Porsche 962, the car that (along with the 956 that begat it) is the most successful sports racing car in history. That by itself is awesome. The fact that this streetable 962 is dressed in the full Rothmans cigarettes regalia we named one of the greatest sponsor liveries ever? Well, that just makes it awesome-er, doesn’t it?

Source: Vimeo