Honda “Hands” advert

Quite the Handful: Long-form Honda Ad Tracks the Firm’s Creations through Time [Video]

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WhileHondacommercials in our part of the world tend to gravitate toward the “safe” (i.e. formulaic and blasé) side of the spectrum, that’s certainly not true in other parts of the world. Internationally,Hondahas released some really spectacular ads; a good many non-car-people are probably familiar with“Cog,”and there’s the epic“Impossible Dream”spot (set toAndy Williams’ legendary rendition ofThe Man of La Manchatheme tune). Now you can add another name to the list: “Hands.”

In addition to the obviousmotorcyclesand cars (The latter group including a currentBritish Touring Car Championship Civicthat seems to be rear-drive; if they wanted something capable of doing donuts, why not use a vintageFormula 1car, or a currentIndy carorLMP?), the advert also features some of the companies numerous non-automotive projects, such asAsimoand theHondaJet. And there are plenty of audiovisual “Easter eggs,” as well: Listen for the 1960s advertising jingle“You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda,”as well as the Brazilian national anthem playing while our magic-handed friend reveals the actual license plate number of a certain three-time world champion’s personalNSX. It’s just a really, really clever ad overall.

Source: YouTube