Quintessence Yachts AM37 is the Aston Martin of Powerboats

Powerboats inspired by sports cars are nothing new. Heck, not even a powerboat inspired by Aston Martins is a new idea. But that hasn’t prevented the esteemed British automaker from collaborating with Netherlands-based Quintessence Yachts to create a stylish speedboat called the AM37.


As the number in its name suggests, this powerboat measures 37-feet bow-to-stern, and Quintessence Yachts says it should have a top speed of about 44 knots. However, if that’s too lethargic for your liking, the company says it plans to produce an AM37 S with a projected 52 knot (or about 60 mph) V-max. Plus, the seating area of the AM37 will have many of the kinds of high-quality, high-dollar materials and cutting edge electronics like voice-activation of various systems and touchscreen navigation that you’d expect to find in a current Aston Martin. We can see why the boys and girls in Gaydon are so proud to be a partner on this project, which is expected to be the first of many boats produced by the partnership.

Source: Quintessence Yachts