The Proper Way to Maintain Your Tires

Often, when we think of vehicle maintenance, we think of car parts like brakes and radiators, but tires are one of the most important parts of any vehicle to maintain. It’s amazing how a simple round chunk of rubber can ruin your day when things go wrong. And if you don’t pay attention to your tires or treat them properly, you can end up spending a pretty penny to fix or replace them. Here’s a fun fact – If your tires are under inflated by 20% they will also last 20% less and cost you much more in fuel costs. 

So, what are some steps to make sure your tires are taken care of in the best way possible? Here are a few tips: 

1) Check your tire pressure at least once a month 

Tires naturally can lose up to 1 psi of pressure every month, even when there isn’t a leak. It’s best to check your tire pressure when your tires are cold, before driving the car for any distance. If the tires are hot, consider adding 4-5 psi to the recommended pressure. You should always check your tire pressure if you are going to go on a long trip. Having your own tire pressure gauge can be invaluable as the ones provided at gas stations are not always accurate. You can always find the proper tire pressure in the owner’s manual, sometimes on the gas tank door and occasionally on the driver’s door. 

2) Make sure you properly store your tires if you have multiple sets

Always try to store your tires in a dry, clean environment away from any sources of heat. If you can’t store them inside, make sure you keep them off the ground and cover them so that they aren’t soaking in any water or liquids. Before storing them, either inside or out, make sure they are not covered in any kind of gasoline, grease or oil. 

Well, there you have it…. Just a few simple and easy ways to make sure you limit your downtime and extend the life of your tires.