Project Kahn McLaren SLR Carbon Edition

Project Kahn SLR Carbon

England based Kahn Design is a well established tuning operation that modifies some of the world’s finest automobiles. Recently, they turned their attention towards Daimler’s most exclusive supercar, the McLaren SLR. Known as the Project Kahn SLR Carbon Edition, their creation focuses on, as the name suggests, carbon-fiber accents and accoutrements. On the tuning front, Kahn Design can squeeze an extra 60 hp out of the supercharged V8 if so desired, but most of the package is cosmetic.

The Project Kahn offering includes several custom paint colors, smoked rear lights, privacy tinted glass and a full interior conversion. Options for the steering wheel include either wrapping it in carbon-fiber or a high gloss piano black finish. You also get Project Kahn F1-X Carbon wheels, made out of carbon-fiber and lightweight magnesium. The result is a rim that weighs only around 25 pounds. This is impressive based on the large size of the wheels which measure 20×9 up front and 21×10.5 in rear.

There is also a hodgepod of other accessories from Kahn Design to help coordinate your ride. For example, a lightweight golfing umbrella with a carbon fiber shaft and/or a Kahn keyring are available. The SLR Carbon Edition is really a straightfoward package that provides some personalization without doing too much. It’s not the most exciting we’ve seen but it’s also not garish or over-the-top like the Anliker McLaren SLR 999 Red Gold. Overall, it’s a nice set of minor mods that still keep your car close to factory but with a little more edge.

Source: Kahn Design