Project Arnela Concept is Tron on the Water

If you’re one of the (very, very) few people who feel that modern superyachts just look to bright and cheery, you might want to take a look at this proposed boat from Dutch designer Edvin Hadzidedic. No, Project Arnela isn’t what you’d call goth, but it has more of an edgy urban nightclub vibe to it. Or maybe something from the Tron movies. Its 98.4’ long hull of this yacht would be home to amenities like a hot tub filled with mineral water, LED accent lighting, a retractable swim platform, titanium exterior railing and…bulletproof glass, presumably for plutocrats in witness protection programs. Odd choice, sure, but a vessel this distinctive deserves a chance at hitting the waves for realsies.

Source: Edvin H Design