Prior Design Puts Together a Racy Mercedes-Benz CL

Prior Design Mercedes-Benz CL front 3/4 view

If we won the lotto, we would give serious thought to buying a new Mercedes-Benz CL. Yes, we could put the money toward multiple neat cars, it's bigger than many sedans, and the base CL550 is only available with AWD (though we'd probably step up for the CL63 AMG anyway). But here's the thing: We. Don't. Care. The classy styling, "pillarless" hardtop roofline, and buttery-smooth, torquey V8 and V12 engines all harken back to the two-door American land barges of the 1960s and '70s, with the added bonus of modern safety, technology, emissions and performance features and stupendous German build quality.
Of course, none of that means much if you drive one into the parking garage of the place the Apple shareholder meeting is being held and spot a dozen other C216 chassis CLs. How do you join Club CL while still maintaining your individuality? One possibility is to get in touch with the fine folks at Prior Design, so they can turn your big Benz coupe into the matte black bruiser you see here.

Prior Design Mercedes-Benz CL side view
Up front, there's a new bumper with three gaping openings, plus a new hood and new flared fenders, both with huge rear facing scoops. Move back and you'll find some beefy rocker panel extensions, rear fender flares, and a stout rear bumper with a modest diffuser. We seriously dig all of that. But the rally car style roof scoop? That's a bit much, at least for a VIP-type car. But to each his (or her) own. Also, certain parts are available in carbon fiber instead of the normal Duraflex composite material.
As for those sharp looking rims, they're  Prior Design's own. All four are 20" in diameter, with the fronts measuring 10" wide and the rears a nice, meaty 13" wide. And while Prior doesn't mention it, the car seen in these pictures looks like it's been lowered a bit, and possibly fitted with upgraded brakes.
Prior Design Mercedes-Benz CL rear 3/4 view
Prior Design also hasn't said what all these bits will cost, though we figure a person who can shell out $114,100 for a new CL550 won't have much trouble coming up with the funds for these aero bits and wheels. Just a hunch.
Prior Design Mercedes-Benz CL high front 3/4 view
Source: Prior Design