Prior Design PRIOR600 Porsche Panamera front 3/4 view

Prior Design PRIOR600 is Bringing Sexy-Hunchback to the Porsche Panamera

Prior Design PRIOR600 Porsche Panamera front 3/4 view

The Porsche Panamera is the car many fans of the German nameplate love to hate. It’s a big, heavy and *gasp* front-engine four-door that happens to be endowed with a rather, ah, curious shape. Sure, the Turbo and Turbo S versions are some of the fastest super sedans on the planet but, according to a significant percentage of car nuts, not fast enough to outrun their own hideousness.

Of course, the Panamera’s appearance is hardly locked in stone. A platoon of aftermarket tuners stand at the ready to restyle the second most controversial model in the current Porsche lineup to suit customer tastes. And Prior Design is one of those tuners.

Prior Design PRIOR600 Porsche Panamera side view

Dubbed the PRIOR600, this six-piece body kit consists of a new, 991-ish front bumper, a more squared-off rear bumper, side skirts, a reshaped hood, and a ducktail rear spoiler. And if you prefer the look of clear-coated carbon fiber to that of painted composite, Prior Design will happily sell you versions of the hood and spoiler that fit the former description.

Prior Design PRIOR600 Porsche Panamera rear 3/4 view

And considering the list prices of each piece, Prior Design has good reason to be happy when selling them. Based on current exchange rates, the front bumper is about $4,700, the rear bumper is about $4,000, roughly $2,700 for the side skirts, $5,400 for the hood and $1,300 for the rear spoiler. The carbon fiber hood and spoiler, meanwhile, retail for about $6,800 each. No word on how much the wheels, decals and rocker stripes shown on this example would add to the tab, but we’re guessing that if you want to duplicate the car you see here, you’ll be spending a pretty penny. However, that pretty penny will net you a significantly more pretty (or at least less homely) super sedan that doesn’t blend in with the herd.

Source: Prior Design

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