Prior Design PD6XX BMW M6 front view

Prior Design Previews Its Take on the New BMW M6

Prior Design PD6XX BMW M6 front 3/4 view

The new BMW M6 is, in our estimation, one of the swankiest grand tourers on the market today. The classic long hood, short deck proportions, high rent interior and bodacious twin-turbo V8 conspire to create a German super coupe that’s like no other. Yeah, it could stand to feel a bit lighter on its feet, but if you want a sport coupe that drives smaller, buy one that actually is smaller.

Anyway, the new M6 is also garnering plenty of attention from tuners and enthusiasts who feel BMW and its M Division failed to endow it with sufficient style and/or athleticism. We’ve already seen a couple companies offering up their reimaginings of the ultimate F12-chassis 6er. And now the widebody wizards at Prior Design are throwing their collective hat into the ring.

Prior Design PD6XX BMW M6 rear 3/4 view

The cut crimson coupe seen here is what Prior Design calls the PD6XX and, in classic PD fashion, it has been treated to a rather radical rebody. The lower, wider front fascia features massive openings for cooling various vehicle systems, as well as a carbon fiber splitter and dive planes. The front fenders are wider and feature additional vents, and the rocker panels and rear quarter panels are wider, too. And the rear bumper is wider to meet those rear fender flares, plus there are additional vents and a reprofiled diffuser sandwiched by four mammoth tailpipes. Throw in the roof scoop, sizable rear spoiler and those airy 10-spoke wheels and you have a big BMW two-door that almost looks ready to go GT racing.

Prior Design PD6XX BMW M6 interior view

However, the interior is far too nice to be found in a racecar. Acres of quilted red leather adorn the seats and door panels, while there’s plenty of red stitching and a few Prior Design logos strewn about the cabin. It looks like a marvelous place to spend time, be it as a driver or a passenger.

Prior Design PD6XX BMW M6 engine view

As for performance upgrades, Prior Design hasn’t mentioned any, at least not yet. However, we do know it has created a rather jazzy cover for the 4.4L twin-turbo V8. The pricing for the PD6XX package is also being kept under wraps, but we’re guessing it will equate to a substantial percentage of a new M6’s sticker price.

Prior Design PD6XX BMW M6 front view

Source: Prior Design