Prior Design PD600 Porsche Cayenne front 3/4 view

Prior Design PD600 Puts More Meat on the Current Porsche Cayenne’s Bones

Prior Design PD600 Porsche Cayenne front 3/4 view

Since its introduction almost a decade ago, the Porsche Cayenne has not only become a cash cow for its maker (to the unending chagrin of Porsche purists who refuse to believe anything that doesn’t have an air-cooled boxer engine mounted behind the driver is worthy of the badge), but it has also become a popular foundation for tuners. It has been especially good for tuners that specialize in Porsches such as TechArt and Gemballa, who are now able to sell to more customers (i.e. ones with families).

Prior Design may not concentrate on any particular OEM when it comes to making its custom parts, but that doesn’t mean its products are inferior. In fact, the company’s widebody kits are among the sharpest looking and highest quality out there. And now they have one for the current generation Cayenne (aka Type 958).

Prior Design PD600 Porsche Cayenne rear 3/4 view

The kit, dubbed PD600, features a deeper, wider front bumper, front and rear fender flares, side skirt extensions, a rear roof spoiler, and a new rear bumper featuring an integrated diffuser. That integrated diffuser incorporates a rather sizable cutout for the two center-exit tailpipes at the end of the bespoke exhaust system. And to keep costs in check (relatively speaking), the body parts are manufactured from Dura-Flex FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic).

Prior Design PD600 Porsche Cayenne rear view

Prior Design has also fitted a set of beefy split-spoke alloy wheels, finished in black to match the body. However, there’s no indication that the wheels are included in the PD600 kit’s roughly $11,600 price. Regardless of what’s included and what isn’t, the finished product looks fantastic and – if you ask us – would be a fine investment for any late model Cayenne owner to make.

Source: Prior Design

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