Prior Design Mercedes-Benz CL Widebody V2 is a Sequel without Equal

Prior Design Mercedes-Benz CL V2 front 3/4 view

Before you say anything, no, you haven’t been dropped into a real-life version of Groundhog Day. Yes, this is an article on a widebody kit from Prior Design for the current generation Mercedes-Benz CL-class full-size coupe. No, it’s not the one from February, as this is based on the facelifted (2011-and-up) C216 CL. However, that’s far from being the only difference.

The most obvious change is the exterior finish. The earlier example is matte black with subdued matte gray side stripes, while this V2 is matte gray with large matte black graphics concentrated mostly on the doors. The wheels are also a different style, and feature a satin rather than gunmetal finish.

Prior Design Mercedes-Benz CL V2 rear 3/4 view

But the coloration isn’t all that’s different from before; the body kit has also been revised. Rear facing scoops have been added to the front and rear bumpers, with the front scoops augmented by small dive planes. Additionally, the roof scoop of the February car has been ditched (presumably since this car was built with a sunroof), and the trunk is now topped by a spoiler. Lastly, there are circular quad exhaust tips (rather than quadrilateral duals) protruding from under the revised rear bumper.

All of the body components are molded from Dura-Flex FRP (fiber reinforced plastic), and the approximately $16,000 price for the kit includes all the necessary mounting hardware. You can pay more and have Prior Design paint and install the kit for you, but unless you live in Western Europe, getting your CL to Kamp-Lintfort, Germany will up the total tab significantly. Then again, how can the thought of being able to drive your newly hopped up Mercedes-Benz on a vacation through its homeland not excite you?

Source: Prior Design