Prior Design Mercedes-AMG GT Looks Ducking Fantastic

While the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG was nice, the Mercedes-AMG GT it beget is NICE. We find its shape and overall proportions to be so much more pleasing, and its 4.0L twin-turbo V8, while maybe not quite as melodious or responsive as the old atmo 6.2L cudgel, is more efficient and a better candidate for tuning. So when we heard Prior Design was fixing to take a stab at improving upon AMG’s new two-seat treat, our expectations were high but, as it turns out, maybe not high enough.


Slated to wear the PD800GT Widebody moniker, Prior Design’s kit for the GT (and GT S, which is important since the base model isn’t out yet) adds the smoothly-integrated front and rear fender flares we’ve all come to expect from PD, as well as side skirts, a front splitter, rear diffuser, vented hood, various winglets and a semi-retro ducktail rear spoiler to the ballistic Benz’s bangin’ bod. Naturally, the ride height has also been reduced substantially, and the plus-size fenders have been stuffed with plus-size wheels and tires. We reckon it’s a fantastic looking ensemble, one that manages to make the GT look more beastly without discarding any of the beauty. Good on ya, Prior Design!


Source: Prior Design