Prior Design Makes a Meaner Looking Ford Mustang

Prior Design Ford Mustang
The 2005-and-up Ford Mustang is extremely popular, so it should come as no surprise that customizing it is extremely popular, too. Sure, there are more performance parts for the first Mustang developed in the 21st century than there are grains of sand on the beach, but peruse any Mustang or high-performance Ford magazine at your local newsstand (You do remember what a newsstand is, don’t you?) and you’ll see ad after ad hawking body kits and other appearance-altering parts for the latest iterations of the ur-pony car.

Naturally, since the Mustang is built in and whose largest market by far is the United States, most of the companies that sell restyling parts are based on these shores. But the ‘Stang’s appeal doesn’t recognize international borders, as you will find Mustang clubs in all four corners of the globe. Thus, it isn’t entirely surprising that a German company – Prior Design – has now joined the Mustang body kit manufacturer roll call.

Prior Design Ford Mustang front 3/4

You might remember Prior Design for its tasty reimagining of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe. Now the company has worked similar magic on the 2005 to 2009 Mustang. The body kit consists of a new front bumper, a new rear bumper with an integral diffuser, and side skirts. The end result doesn’t shout “Look at MEEEEEEEEE,” but for us, that’s a good thing. It looks tailored, rather than tacky, something that unfortunately can’t be said for every automotive body kit under the sun.

Prior Design Ford Mustang rear 3/4 view

If you want to complete the transformation, Prior also offers a smattering of custom wheels, plus a stainless steel spot exhaust system. Granted, you could bring together similar parts to achieve similar results yourself, and we have nothing against that. But by the same token, wouldn’t it be fun to truthfully say your Mustang has been sprinkled with a hint of German engineering?

Source: Prior Design