Prior Design Ferrari 458 is Dressed Like a Hypercar


So you weren’t one of the 499 people to get a hold of a Ferrari LaFerrari. On the one hand, that’s a real drag, but on the other, think of all the money you saved (Here’s hoping you didn’t put it all into Volkswagen stock…)! However, if you’ve still got your heart set on a mid-engine Ferrari with a gaping maw and fatter fenders, Prior Design has devised a new way to give the 458 Italia a more LaFerrari-like physique.


Dubbed the PD458 (Hey, no one said it had to have a clever name…), this body kit features a new, wider front bumper with canards and a pair of giant nostrils, a rear bumper with a diffuser, side skirts, fender flares, and a rear lip spoiler. The back window/engine cover also gets a set of louvers on either side of the glass to further increase the sportiness factor. For wheels, Prior Design selected a set of ADV.1 wheels finished in bright metallic red wearing Dunlop tires. It may not be a V12 hybrid or super rare, but at least the PD458 is attainable (relatively speaking, of course).

Source: Prior Design