Prior Design BMW M5 Looks Savvy on Savini Wheels

Although there is a cornucopia of critics who like to pile on the current F10-based BMW M5 for being too chubby, too automated and too emotionally distant, the fact remains that it’s more than capable of holding its own against today’s super sedan field. Furthermore, there’s no shortage of personalization options – both aesthetic and functional – on offer from the automotive aftermarket. The beastly BMW you see here is a prime example of what some tuning parts can create.

This car’s transformation began with a Prior Design widebody kit, which stretches the stock M5 lines to remove any and all remaining traces of the F10 M5’s inherent Q-ship-ness. The owner also specified a set of clear-lens taillights, and commissioned Impressive Wrap (based quite near our ‘hood in El Monte, California) to clothe the car – Prior Design bits and all – in white semigloss vinyl. But if you ask us, it’s the set of 10-spoke, matte bronze Savini wheels that really complete this stylish super sedan. So please forgive us for being willing to forgive this thing for not having quite the same poise and pedigree of its ancestors.

Source: Prior Design