VIDEO: Porsche Preaches Purity with the New 911

Porsche 911 generations

There are lots of people who rag on Porsche for entering traditionally non-Porsche segments like those of the SUV and sport sedan. Ironically, many of these same people probably think the Porsche-Diesel Super farm tractors of the 1950s and early ‘60s are way cool. In any event, even these sourpusses have to give Porsche credit for keeping the 911 as true to its roots as it has.

The new 991-series 911 marks only the second ground-up redesign in the nameplate’s 48-year history (with countless styling and technical changes interspersed throughout that period), which is a testament to the staying power of the original’s formula: A raspy flat-six engine hiding under a distinctive sloping rump, a front trunk between domed front fenders, and controls that feel like extensions of the driver's anatomy. For many folks, the 911 is the definition of a sports car, a definition that, as the following video makes crystal clear, Porsche has no intention of rewriting.

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