Porsche Design P’9983 Graphite is a Brooding BlackBerry Phone


BlackBerry smartphones may not have anywhere near the market share they did before the first generations of iPhone and Android phones arrived, but there are still folks out there who refuse to kick the “CrackBerry” habit. And for addicts who want a BlackBerry that’s as stylish as it is functional, Porsche Design has penned multiple phones for the brand that exude an unmistakably Teutonic brand of swag. So we kind of knew what to expect when we heard about the partnership’s latest byproduct, the P’9983 Graphite.


As the name implies, the color graphite – a very dark shade of gray, in case you’ve managed to go your entire life without seeing a sharpened pencil – figures heavily into the this factory customized BlackBerry’s skin. Porsche Design also added a unique keyboard with “glass-like keys” made from a synthetic material, plus accessories like stereo headsets, an international charger and a back cover made from Italian leather and available in one of eight different colors. The P’9983 Graphite runs the BlackBerry 10 operating system – which now runs Android apps in addition to BlackBerry ones – and a 2,100 milliamp-hour battery to maximize time between charges. As for monetary charges, this particular mobile phone will lighten your bank account by about $1,950. Hey, there are probably a few folks out there who think the latest and priciest iPhone is too cheap…

Source: Porsche Design