This Porsche is a Fantasy in More Ways than One

In a perfect world, Porsche vehicles would be available to race and enjoy in Gran Turismo video games, and the famed German firm would have been among the first to produce a virtual concept car for the Vision Gran Turismo program. Of course, the world is very much imperfect, so there’s no cure for cancer, fried food can make you fat, we aren’t married to Elizabeth Olsen and, most(?) gallingly of all, the Porsche license for video games is kept under lock and key by Electronic Arts. Yes, the makers of Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon games, as well as the makers of Assetto Corsa, have managed to do deals with EA, but so far GT developer Polyphony Digital has always come up empty-handed and, based on what’s been publicly shown of their newest title – this fall’s FIA-supported, e-sports-centric Gran Turismo Sport – don’t look for that to change anytime soon.

However, that depressing fact didn’t prevent a highly talented team of six automotive designers and digital artists from bringing their idea of a Porsche VGT machine to (virtual) life. The Porsche 908/04 Vision Gran Turismo is inspired by the 908 LH sports prototype of 1969 (which finished second to a Gulf Ford GT40 in what remains the closest non-staged finish in the race’s history), but it incorporates many elements of the production 918 Spyder and the Mission E concept car. What’s more, the designers made sure that this car could be produced in real life, meaning there’s room for two people inside, fuel tanks, engine and electric motors and other essentials, plus thought was given to things like suspension travel and steering movement. Alas, unless some gazillionaire sheik decides he simlpy has to have a real one, the 908/04 Vision Gran Turismo will remain confined to static display in the land of zeros and ones. Great, now we’re depressed again…