Pontiac G8 Becomes a Sick Holden Commodore SSV Replica [Video]

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Like the2004 to ’06 GTOthat came before it, thePontiac G8was a lefthand driveHoldenbrought to North America for a tragically brief time. And like the last gen GTO, which some enterprising Yanks have turned intoMonarosusing ADM bumpers, grilles and badges, some of these final bigPontiacshave been converted into theVE-seriesHoldenCommodoreson which they were based. Doing so is sure to get the attention of car people (who know what you did) and non-car people (who have never heard of Holden or seen the Lion badge in their lives) alike.

SeattleiteTony Hustedperformed a Commodore conversion on his G8 GT (with help from his mate in Oz, “Crazy Paul”), but didn’t stop at swapping the fascias and emblems. As Tony explains in this video fromSpeedline Film Werks, he wanted to make his Commodore clone badder than any realCommodore SSV(or any Commodore-basedHSVproduct, for that matter). We’re inclined to think he succeeded.

Source: Vimeo