Scion FR-S, BMW M3 E30, Volkswagen GTI Mk. VI

Pocket Rocket Pow Wow: Scion FR-S vs. VW GTI vs…First Gen BMW M3? [Video]

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We’re all (painfully) familiar with the phrase “opposites attract,” correct? If nothing else, it might help explain why a cozy,rear-driveandJapanese Scion FR-Sand a roomy,front-driveandGerman Volkswagen GTI 5-doorfind themselves together on a race track. Though if we had to guess, it’s mostly due to the fact thatMotorTrend’sMike FebboandEuropean Car’sGreg Emmerson, respectively, brought them both to this gunfight at the Willow Springs Corral, er, Raceway.

But instead of having these two slot-cars-for-big-boys slug it out between themselves, the guys invite an cagey old interloper to stir the pot: Afirst generation(E30)BMW M3. Not only does this roughly quarter-century-old icon boast about the same size, weight and power as the two modern combatants, but it can also be bought for thousands of dollars less. So who came out on top in this Mexican standoff? You’re gonna have to watch the video to find out, pilgrim…

Source: YouTube