Bentley Continental GT

Play out West: Flying through Nevada in a Bentley Continental GT [Video]

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TheBentley Continental GTis, as the name implies, agrand tourer. In other words, it’s at its very best eating up the miles at blistering speed while treating its occupants to blister-free accommodations. And best of all, it doesn’t really matter where in the world those miles are being eaten up, as long as there are great roads and great scenery.

Turns out the state ofNevadahas lots of great roads and great scenery, plus some interesting destinations likeLas VegasandArea 51(or at least, the closest spot you can get to Area 51 before The Man starts using you for target practice).Epic DriveshostArthur St. Antoineexperienced all the aforementioned locales in this most recent episode of the show, plus a few more. And that “a few more” includes the legendaryReno Air Races, where Art was a passenger in aBentleyContinental GT Speedinvolved in a surprisingly close drag race with a non-car…

Source: YouTube