Peter Peter Hughes “My God Is An Angry God”

Peter Peter Hughes’ “My God Is An Angry God” Pairs Juan Manuel Fangio with…a Saab 900 Turbo SPG [Video]

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We have at least a passing interest inalternate history. (Before you say anything,Dungeons and Dragonsis still way nerdier.) It’s fun to think about how different the world would be if just one little thing had been different. Example: What if the Internet had never been invented? Instead of reading this text and watch the above music video on our mighty fine website, it (and a whole bunch of other content) might be contained on a laserdisc or something we send you by mail each month. (Hmmm…articles and photos of cars by mail…how has no one thought of that before?).

See, imagining different outcomes of past events is neat, huh? Now imagine thatJuan Manuel Fangio– the Argentine five-timeFormula 1world champion considered by many to be the greatest racing driver of all time – had a second career as a lone-wolf hitman, hell bent on assassinating genocidal 20thcentury Latin American dictators and strongmen likeAugusto Pinochet. And thatEl Maestro’s transport of choice for this occupation was that classically-offbeat Swedish hot hatch of the ‘80s, theSaab 900 Turbo SPG. Well no need to imagine, little ones, forPeter Peter Hughes(whom you may recognize as member ofthe Mountain Goats) released a concept album centered around just that in 2010 titled, quite simply,Fangio. And the video seen above for the third song on the album? That’s Hughes himself playing the role of revenge-hungry,Saab-skippering Fangio, and the whole shebang is directed and edited by our chumDavey G. Johnson, lately of a mystical place calledAutoWeek.

Source: YouTube