Pedal-Powered Porsche Pretender Perplexes Populace (w/VIDEO)

Ferdinand GT3 RS on track

A bicycle is a fun and eco-friendly means of transportation, but it does have its drawbacks. These include being exposed to the elements (wind, rain, snow, spray-tanned soccer-MILFs trying to referee the urchins in the backseat rather than watching the road ahead of their three-ton SUV, etc.) and giving many passersby the impression, rightly or wrongly, that you are a) too poor to afford a motorized conveyance or b)of the opinion that wearing genital-asphyxiating spandex drawers and being pumped full of more hormones than an adolescent rabbit makes you feel empowered and “totally awesome” like your cousin Floyd. 

Whatever the case may be, human-powered conveyances and their operators are generally looked down upon by the motor vehicle set. But what if there was a pedal-powered ride that featured not only four wheels and an enclosed body, but the looks of a famous German sports car? Would the world still be laughing at you rather than with you?

Ferdinand GT3 RS

Those are just some of the questions the creators of the Ferdinand GT3 RS hope to answer. Aside from the trademark-dodge-tastic name, the other clear connection to the Porsche it’s inspired by is the distinctive shape, right down to the genuine Porsche headlights and taillights, plus a convincing tribute to the flat-six propelled original’s race-ready whale tail. Of course, on closer inspection, the differences become obvious: ultra-skinny bicycle wheels and tires, shiny but wrinkly bodywork, and the complete absence of engine noise.

The wrinkly bodywork is attributable to the fact that it is made of metallic foil draped over a PVC pipe spaceframe. Sure, you’re a sitting duck if you get t-boned in anything heavier than a Peel P50, but considering the whole car weighs but 220 lbs., does that really matter?

Also, as you’ve probably figured out by watching the video above, the Ferdinand GT3 RS slower than a lobotomized snail suspended in frozen molasses. Would it be quicker with a passenger pedaling as well? Probably not by much, but this contraption is all about looking cool and leaving people scratching their heads. Oh, and track day addicts need not apply.

Source: Ferdinand | YouTube