Parmigiani Toric Hemispheres Retrograde is a Tasty Twofer

Relatively speaking, high end watches with dual time zone displays are dime-a-dozen. But when was the last time you saw one that also had a sweeping retrograde date indicator that dominated the lower half of the dial? Well, Michel Parmigiani and his team are ready to make that occasion a lot more recent with their latest masterpiece of a timepiece, the Parmigiani Toric Hemispheres Retrograde.

Housed within the 42.8 mm rose gold case is an in-house caliber PF317 (with a healthy 50-hour power reserve) driving the main dial, the two smaller subdials, and the aforementioned retrograde date indicator. However, there’s an additional module (designed by the highly respected Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and his staff at Agenhor) attached to the movement and propelling the second time zone dial. In other words, you’re essentially getting two complications-expert-designed watches for the price (and space) of one. Granted, said price is on the steep side at $48,600, but coolness rarely comes cheap.

Source: Parmigiani