Palmer Johnson Bugatti Niniette 66 is the Chiron of Boats

Automaker-branded motor yachts, both of the conceptual and real-world varieties, aren’t that unusual these days. It seems like every ultra-luxury and exotic OEM has been represented at least once already, but it appears we’ve yet to stumble across a Bugatti boat. That changes today: Say “Ahoy” to the Palmer Johnson Bugatti Niniette 66.

The Chiron-like side styling (as well as a helm designed by Bugatti’s own stylists) provides the visual intrigue, while onboard amenities like a hot tub and fire pit topside and a galley kitchen and full-size stand-up bedroom below decks  give this 66 footer much of the livability of a much bigger vessel. Of course, bigger boats can’t hope to touch the Niniette 66’s performance capabilities, with its twin MAN V8s (MAN being, like Bugatti, part of the Volkswagen family) and MJP waterjets providing enough thrust to hit 44 knots in standard form, or 48 knots with the optional MAN 1200 engines. Bugatti styling, Bugatti-worthy performance and luxury of a much bigger boat? Sign us up!

Source: Palmer Johnson