VIDEO: Official Commercial for Pagani Zonda R

Pagani Zonda R Official Commercial

Last January, the Pagani Zonda R made its debut in Vienna. It was built to appease a 3-time Zonda owner who wanted something a little more track-oriented than the “normal” Zonda. Yeah, I always thought the 700hp,  RWD Zondas were a little soft (insert sarcastic eye roll). Well Pagani said ok, and built the 750hp Zonda R. 

Adding a more aggressive aerodynamic design, a flat belly pan, and stripping the interior, this car is made for the racetrack (and is not street legal). A little over a year later, Zonda, in partnership with Runimation Studios, has released a teaser video of the R. It has not one, but three Zonda Rs being driven on a race track. They didn’t let a little rain spoil their fun, if anything it simply adds to the spectacle that is Zonda. Without having to appease the emissions people, these sound like F1 cars.  I can’t wait to see what they do on a sunny day. Enjoy.  

Source: Runimations Studios Filmproduktion via YouTube