Pagani Zonda R Makes Its Official Debut in Vienna

Pagani Zonda R

Created at the strong behest of an Italo-American customer who was already the proud owner of 3 (yes 3) Zondas, the latest iteration from Pagani is a track only variant without limitations. The wheelbase and length were increased and additional body work tweaked for maxumum aerodynamics and downforce. Extended front bonnets with flaps, a sealed underbody as well as an adjustable rear wing and diffuser all aid in this regard. The Pagani Zonda R not a street legal vehicle.

Zonda tapped Mercedes-Benz AMG to procure the class leading engine from the CLK GTR, which puts out 750 hp and 524 lb-ft of torque. Specs list the car at a top speed of 248 mph and a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds. A carbon-fiber high-performance intake is located on the front end, pulling air in and pushing it out an F1 inspired exhaust in the rear. A six-speed manual sequential synchronised gearbox is installed for aggressive driving.

Inside, the Pagani Zonda R provides bespokes seats for both driver and passenger that are built to handle excessive G-forces. Digitek instrumentation provides immediate feedback on all essential information. In fact, even downforce information is available at all times.

Source: Pagani|Image:Autoblog