Overdrive Seeks to Thrill with Stealing Scene-Stealing Rides [w/ Video]

Who doesn’t enjoy a good heist film? Okay, put your hands down, smart alecks. Celluloid capers centered around snatching something of value must appeal to some of our most basic animal instincts, such has been their popularity over the decades. But, other than Gone In 60 Seconds (both the campy original and the Cage-y remake), when has Hollywood made a car or car the object de pillage of one of these flicks? We sure can’t think of one…which is probably how the writers of Overdrive came up with the premise for their project.

Now, Overdrive isn’t the first car-centric action movie for writers Michael Brandt and Derek Haas; they also penned a little movie called 2 Fast 2 Furious. Anyway, the premise of this movie is two car thief brothers (played by Freddie Thorp and Scott Eastwood) rip off a Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic from a big European crime boss (portrayed by Simon Abkarian) who subsequently catches them and, in exchange for sparing them their lives, tasks them with swiping his arch rival’s Ferrari 250 GTO. To pull off the new caper, the siblings team up with a couple of badass babes (played by Ana de Armas and Gaia Weiss) and lots of hooning, exploding, skin exposing and other things that end in -ing. No, it’s not the sort of box office fare that’s capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with Citizen Kane and the like, nor will it be regarded as a dead-on accurate primer on vehicle dynamics and basic physics but, come October 6 (when it’s released here in the U.S.) and you’ve got 93 minutes to burn, it might be an amusing use of your time.