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Opie’s Open-Wheel Opus: Rush Trailer Hits the Web [Video]

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When we first got wind thatRon Howardwould be making a movie calledRushchronicling the 1976Formula 1season – specifically, the rivalry between that season’s top title contenders,Niki LaudaofFerrariandJames HuntofMcLaren– we positively squeed with glee. Yes, pretty much every non-documentary racing movie made afterLe Manshas been an over-(and/or under-)acted, Newtonian-physics-flaunting-crash-filled farce, but this project was being helmed by Ron Bleeping Howard. You know, the ginger-maned (or what’s left of it) artist behind such masterworks asApollo 13,A Beautiful Mind,The Da Vinci Code, andFrost/Nixon. So we had hope.

Now it looks like our hope was well-placed. After watching the above video, the first international trailer forRush, we can now say we are officially stoked. The cars, the venues, the fashion…it all looks dead on and lifted straight out of one ofF1’s most glamorous (and dangerous) epochs. Even the tobacco sponsor logos on the cars and trackside signage are present and accounted for (though we’re sure they will be blurred out in France, Canada and other revisionist history countries). With this movie and the drag racing epicSnake and Mongooseboth set for release in September, we reckon this autumn will be a most bountiful one for motorsports history geeks like us.

Source: YouTube