Custom BMW M5 E28

One Owner Wonder: Flying under the Radar in a First-Gen BMW M5 [Video]

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WhenBMWunveiled the originalE28-basedM5in 1984, it forced the world to rethink the concept of asuper sedan. The subtle exterior modifications, the thoroughly reworked chassis, and the howling3.5L straight-sixborrowed from theM1 supercarall conspired to create a genuine four-door sports car. And aside from a few Uncle-Sam-mandated warts like fatter bumpers and emissions equipment that ate about 25 horsepower, the 1988 U.S. specification E28 M5 delivered most of the same outrageously entertaining driving experience.

And it is this driving experience that San DieganRandy Balingit-Hartmannhas been enjoying since he (with some help from his dad) bought this example ofBMW’s O.G. midsize missile brand new. That’s right, this man-machine marriage has been going strong for almost a quarter-century and about400,000 miles. But when your four-wheeled partner still looks (and sounds!) this great after all these years, what’s the upside to being unfaithful? Trick question; there isn’t one.

Source: YouTube