Gran Turismo 6 Trailer #6

One of These Days, Alice: Latest Gran Turismo 6 Trailer is out of This World [Video]

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You know, it’s been a while since we heard fromKazunori Yamauchiand the crew atPolyphony Digitalregarding the progress ofGran Turismo 6. You rememberGran Turismo 6, right? The latest chapter in the acclaimed racing game franchise forSony’sPlayStationconsoles that’s supposedly hitting store shelves 31 days from now? Yeah, that’s the one. Given the series’ reputation for lengthy gestation periods, we were really starting to worry about the chances ofGT6arriving on time.

Notice how we said “were,” because this latest trailer (plus a massive data dump onthe official sitethat includes the 99.999% finalized car and track lists) indicates to us that this monolith of a video game is just about ready for rollout. Yeah, this video shows some of the heretofore unannounced cars (including theFerrari 250 GTOandJay Leno’s custom 1,000 horsepower, rear-drive-convertedOldsmobile Toronado) and some new tracks (Spain’sAscari Race Resortand an interesting track inside a sports stadium), but HOLY HORSE VOMIT IT’S THE DAMNLUNAR ROVERON THE DAMN MOON. If that doesn’t qualify asteabaggingForza Motorsport 5, what does, folks?

Source: YouTube