One Car to Do It All: Jack Olsen’s Porsche 911 RSR [VIDEO]

Inside a special place known as the 12-Gauge Garage, over many years Jack Olsen has meticulously crafted a Porsche 911 that is an impressive amalgamation from Stuttgart’s parts bin. His creation, known as Black Beauty, incorporates a 1972 body, 1977 transaxle, 1986 Turbo brakes and an engine from 1995 among a smattering of pieces from other years. It sports only 272 horsepower but by carrying just 2,400 pounds, it can really get up and go.

The main goal of Olsen’s efforts has been to create one car that satisfies multiple purposes. Jack uses his 911 for everything from jaunts to the grocery store to a full day of shredding at the track. In true enthusiast fashion, he brings along all of the necessary aero parts and snaps them on as needed.

Source: Vimeo