Lamborghini Espada Series 2

On NACA Ducts and Route Napoleon: Harry Metcalfe Does France in His Lamborghini Espada [Video]

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As far as we’re concerned, when it comes to classicLamborghinis, you can keep yourCountach,Urracoand400GT. Hell, theJaramaand, yes, even the saintedMiuraand the shame-challengedLM002can each take a powder. Why? Because our favoriteLambomade during Ferruccio’s lifetime is theEspada. Granted, it’s arguably not the sexiest and definitely not the fastest of the bunch, but it does marry the brand’s melodiousfirst-generation V12 engine(which was only recently discontinued when theMurcielago’s run ended) with a cabin roomy enough for four adult humans of normal stature. It’s also borderline-affordable, though that’s changing as more people become hip to this classicgrand tourer.

Luckily for veteran British car journoHarry Metcalfe, he’s already got one in his stable, specifically a red1970 Espada Series 2with, if we have to be honest, a rather ghastly panoramic sunroof. And in this 18-minutes-and-change video diary he filed for his current employer,Evomagazine, Mr. Metcalfe chronicles the journey through France along the scenicRoute Napoleonhe and his Lambo took home from Lamborghini’s recent 50thanniversary bash. If the sound of that quad-cam petrol furnace under the hood doesn’t make you weak in the knees, there may be no hope for you.

Source: YouTube