Nissan GT-R Track Pack

Oh No, They Say It Really Goes: MotorTrend Wrings out the Nissan GT-R Track Pack [Video]

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We’re all quite familiar with the criticisms leveled at theNissan GT-R, right? It drives like avideo game, it weighs as much as anSUV, no Average Joe can afford one, blah blah blah. If only there was a way to get these petrolhead Eeyores to shut their latte slots and appreciateNissan’ssupercarfor what it really is: A 2+2 rocket sled that makes you question the veracity of your high school physics textbook (You know, the one in which you drew a 97% accurate Slayer logo on the inside back cover?).

This video, hosted byMotorTrend’sCarlos Lagowith a power lap cameo by the mag’s favorite pro shoeRandy Pobst, might not get all of Godzilla’s naysayers to pour their Haterade down the drain. But it’s hard to argue against the numbers the GT-R – specifically the new-to-AmericaGT-R Track Pack– puts up. Those absurd, hypercar-harassing numbers…

Source: YouTube