Officine Rossopuro Lupus Alpha is a Metalhead Marvel


Moto Guzzi is a motorcycle company that is known for not doing things by the book, what with installing V-twins longitudinally and all. Consequently, custom motorcycles based on Moto Guzzis are inherently unconventional. But this particular custom “Goose,” a creation of the Italian shop Officine Rossopuro, wanders even farther away from convention.


Based on a brand new California 1400, the Officine Rossopuro Lupus Alpha cuts a long and low profile thanks to a custom fork and rear swingarm fabricated from an alloy called Ergal (a.k.a. 7075 aluminum). Other exotic materials like chromium-vanadium steel, titanium and Incoloy 800h are used in the construction of other custom parts like the tail section and headlight surround.


Why all the reliance on metals with complicated names? The Lupus Alpha was co-created by Walter Tosto, an Italian firm that manufacturers apparatuses for storing, moving and refining petroleum and other industrial liquids. And when we say this bike was co-created by Walter Tosto, we mean it: The company actually made most of the custom parts in house, and Officine Rossopuro claims a whopping 90% of the components on this machine have been altered or replaced. Normally, we’d be hesitant about chucking all that OEM hardware and the engineering behind it into the cestino, but when the end result looks this fantastic, we’ll let it slide.

Source: Officine Rossopuro