Italian Style and Swiss Precision? Must be a Panerai Watch

Would it surprise you to learn that the Italian Navy has a history of being one of the planet’s more fashion-forward waterborne fighting forces? We didn’t think so. So when Swiss watchmaker Panerai announced it was building watches inspired by the ones worn by Italian sailors between the 1930s and ‘50s, we figured they were going to look sharp. We just didn’t think they would look this sharp.

Dubbed the Luminor Due collection, these stunners are available with your choice of manual (42mm case) or automatic (45mm case) movements, a red gold or stainless steel case (both with a sapphire crystal on the back to observe the movement and Panerai’s signature “bridge” over the crown), and an alligator strap in black or turquoise. The company isn’t forthcoming on pricing or production run information, but we’re guessing the terms “expensive” and “small” would be accurate descriptors.

Source: Panerai